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Toy Storage Chests – What to Look For

Toy storage chests come in many shapes, sizes and styles. They can be found in wood or plastic. Many are adjustable to accommodate the height of your child as well as many others. If you have a toy storage chest that is too small for your child’s needs, there is always the option of buying another smaller sized one. The key is knowing what your child needs and then shopping for a toy storage chest that will suit those needs. Here are some tips that will help you decide on the perfect toy storage chest for your child.


First, think about the size toy storage. How big is your child? A good rule of thumb is to measure from the floor to the top of the chest. Most standard toy chests will hold between three to five toys depending on the height of your child. There are also some specialty chests that are taller and more like a dresser that can hold more toys.


Second, consider the style. There are storage chests for girls, boys, wooden and plastic. Consider your child’s interests when choosing the style and whether they will use the toy storage often or only once in a blue moon.


Third, consider the age range of your child. Is your child between three to six years old or older? Younger children typically will not need storage that is toy like but older children may enjoy having their toys in a toy storage chest. Think about how many times per year you may be purchasing storage for your children. Is it during the summer months or the winter?


Lastly, consider the cost. toy storage chests can vary greatly in price. There are those on the higher end and then there are those that are very affordable. Before making a purchase consider how much you plan to use the toy storage chest and how much you are willing to pay. Remember, some toy storage chests are priced to move so be aware of that.


As mentioned before, toy storage chests come in many shapes and sizes. The above factors are just a guideline when shopping for a toy storage chest. Be sure to also consider how much the chest is worth as well as if it is built well. Remember, many of the most expensive toy storage chests are not built well and could crumble within months of use. If you take the time and shop around you should be able to find one that is perfect for your child.

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