The Great Forest Tabetha Napora


Published: 2011


3940 pages


The Great Forest  by  Tabetha Napora

The Great Forest by Tabetha Napora
2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 3940 pages | ISBN: | 3.46 Mb

Up until chapter 16, about halfway through the book, I was irritated and somewhat distressed, because I found myself in the awkward situation of liking the author and disliking the book, both very sincerely. Then the courtroom scene happened, and I gave up and started rolling with it.It was bizarre. All of the books most annoying flaws were things Id seen the author do well in her fanfiction. The seven main characters are overpowered and underdeveloped, when normally her character pieces are wonderful.

The humor and whimsy try way too hard, and they never let up, instead of being enjoyably and intelligently crazy. The pacing was uneven and even annoying in which scenes were skimmed over and which were included, despite the fact that the authors quite good at building and developing storylines.

The romances were identical and bland, when creative, varied and sweet fluff forms more than half of the authors existing non-original work. Only certain style touches keep it from seeming like the prose of a totally different person.And then, as I said, I reached the courtroom scene, and we switched from Generic Kids Fantasy Novel to Alice In Wonderland On Red Bull. A disassociative personality guy voicing both prosecuting and defensee attorney, a rock and a disembodied arm respectively- the protagonists sitting and watching as the jury and then going to bake cupcakes when it was all over- so much crazy.

Then we went right back in the next chapter as if nothing had happened. Its in the tags, but worth saying again: Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. Also Jumping the Shark. I wish I could say it was enjoyably crazy, but I was just left gaping, trying in vain to process what had just happened and why. Just...WHY?Weirdly, after that scene, I didnt mind. It still has the half-baked aroma of the stereotypical self-published novel, and important moments still make me cringe or roll my eyes, but at the same time, theres an earnest charm to this book.

One can tell the author was enjoying herself and trying hard, and a reader can even get a so-bad-its-good kind of fun out of it. For better or for worse, it is never slow (except arguably in the birthday scenes). Not only did I have some fun reading it, but I think Im starting to get interested in fantasy novels again.

The lack of a real climax was head-scratching, though.

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